Yoga helps you to maintain a well-balanced life. It is good for your mind, body as well as for getting that naturally beautiful skin. There are many yoga asana that help improve blood circulation, improve digestive system and helps in detoxification of skin, through increased flow of oxygen into the body from head to toe.  Here is a list of few asanas and pranayamas that will help you rediscover the inner glow and beauty of your skin.

  • Kapalbharti Pranayam

It is one of the best breathing exercises that many celebrities practice. It helps to improve the flow of oxygen within the body, bringing more fresh oxygen to the living cells and detoxifying the blood; giving you the correct start to a healthy and glowing skin.

  • Tadasana

This breathing related pose lets your body to relax by focusing on deep and rhythmic breathing and helps you to improve the health of your skin.

  • Uttanasana

This yoga pose requires you to bend forward, so much as to join your head to your legs while holding your legs with your hands. Practicing this asana will increase the blood flow to the face, bringing more nutrients to it, keeping it healthy and make it look bright and glowing.

  • Bharadvaja’s twist

This twisting position helps in improving digestion and thereby promotes toxin excretion from the body which helps in growth and health of skin tissues, making you look beautiful.

  • Utkatasana

This is one of the most challenging poses and thereby helps increase the circulation of blood in the body. The heart beats faster and you sweat more allowing the skin to throw out impurities from the body making the skin beautiful.

  • Shirshasana

This one requires you a head stand, that means standing on your head. It helps blood to flow through the brain and to entire body. It also increase blood circulation, removing the toxins from blood as well as providing good nourishment to all the cells in the body

  • Halasana

Blood circulation to the face and the head is increased through this challenging asana. This helps in giving rosy glow to the face, making you look beautiful.

  • Sarvangasana

This is one of the most popular asana and is often referred as the queen of asanas. This one helps to reverse the blood circulation in the body, to head from toe while helping in reducing wrinkles on the skin , making it firm and tight.

  • Matsyasana

Also known as the fish pose, this asana also allows reversing the blood circulation in the body however the body is not inverted. This is an alternative and simpler pose to Sarvangasana and improves overall skin tone.

There are several more asana, regular practice of which can provide you with a radiant and healthy skin. When you begin, it is advised to practice yoga through a trained professional only and ones you have mastered these asana, you can practice yoga at home and inculcate it as a daily habit. A good routine of yoga and a healthy diet will not only help you maintain a healthy body and mind but will give you a much younger and radiant looking skin for long. It is however in your best interest to learn yoga through a trainer, but if you do not have ample amount of time or resources, then do not lose hope, you can find off-shelf CD’s and DVD’s that have yoga instructions and video tutorial to guide you in learning all asana easily at home.