Makeup Tips for Summers

Learning makeup tips for Indian skin can be hard as Indian women have different skin tones from those of Western women. And depending on different skin tones out there, there are so many makeup tips. Every woman wants to look good regardless of everything. Makeup plays an important role in it. But, as temperature rises and summer approaches, makeup can become a sticky mess. You can simply follow the basic tips to avoid the horrors of makeup in the hot summer months.

Prepare your makeup tips

The first thing, you should know is that Indian skin is very sensitive and you want to make sure your makeup looks as flawless as possible. For this, make sure that your canvas isn’t over clean. Of course, you want your face to be clean but remember, keep it all gentle.

Always try to avoid decomposition of makeup in the summers. For this, it is important to prepare your T-Zone with a light anti-perspirant product. The T-Zone is the part of the face that is made up of the forehead, nose, chin and area circling the mouth. This area is shaped like the letter T, hence the name.

Know your skin shade and use the right foundation

Apply a light primer at your T-Zone and then a light foundation. It is best if you opt for a moisturizing cream tinted with SPF instead of your regular basis. Tinted moisturizers feel much lighter on the skin. If you do not want to spend money on a tinted moisturizer, then here is what you can do. Simply combine a small amount of your liquid base with an equally small amount of moisturizer. It will become thinner and lighter.

Avoid using a concealer. Instead, you may apply a small amount of base to hide any stain. Use a loose powder instead of pressed powders in the summers, as pressed powders can form patches on the skin. It is advisable to apply a primer for the eyes and then use a soft shade of bright eyes on your lids. Opt for a coloured eye glow to get the glow at the top. This does not wrinkle fast. Avoid using eye cream because they can melt the face.

Choose the right colours

It is hard for many people to actually carry red, but Indian skin tones, with a splash of red along with your lips or even along your eyes, looks stunningly beautiful. These colours could be a great experiment.

Apply a waterproof or long-lasting eyeliner in colours such as brown, black and navy blue. Curl your eyelashes and apply a few layers of waterproof mascara. Or even better to use a clear gel for the eyelashes for a sparkling effect.

Two-toned eye makeup can be very beautiful on the Indian skin. We would suggest using one colour in varying shades to create the most amazing look possible. Initially, you might need some practice, but you will get it right.

For the colour of the cheek, apply a light coat of gel or liquid blush. These remain more than blush powder. A light shade of bronz on the cheekbones and chin gives a beautiful tan.

For lips, try a lipstick to avoid the bleeding colour. The lips should have a layer of long-lasting lip stains with a little luster. Remember not to exaggerate your look using dark colours on your lips. Matte soft is preferable for ladies. It can be a soft pink or brown tone with pure sheen. Also, staying away from the clear shine. Believe it or not, it can increase your chances of a lip burn. Shine with a little colour is a better bet since the pigment is a natural sun block and SPF in it will help even more.

To hide any scars in your body, use water-resistant body protectors. Finish your look with makeup spray spritzes

Understand the sunscreen you use

There are two types of sunscreen products:

Physical sunscreen:

Products such as Neutrogena Sensitive Skin UVA / UVB Sun Blocker comes under this category. The main ingredients of these products are titanium dioxide or zinc oxide. These products contain no chemicals and the solar lock capacity adheres better to the skin than any chemical.

Chemical sunscreen:

The main ingredient in this sunscreen is octyl-methoxy-cinnamate, which is harmful to some extent.

Avoid going outside until your sunscreen is absorbed into your skin. People who are allergic to sun protection may opt for products free of oils and fragrances.