Shilpa Shetty is admired for her fitness, hair and beauty. Shilpa has been seen spotting that perfectly healthy and shining hair since the start of her career. It is not easy for everyone to maintain hair in such a good condition for sure she puts in a lot of effort on them.

  • A healthy diet is the basic need and a good start for both a healthy body and healthy hair. Your diet should consist of good amount of protein and vitamin E as it is the basic nourishment for your hair. Well-nourished and maintained hair looks naturally beautiful and healthy for long.
  • Exercise is one secret to healthy hair. There are many asanas in yoga that help provide nourishment to reach your hair and give them life and shine. Regular practice of yoga helps to maintain blood circulation that detoxifies the blood and provide proper nourishment to the body; from head to toe.
  • Providing nourishment to your hair regularly is very important, Shilpa makes sure that she gives her hair a good hot coconut oil or olive oil massage regularly. Regular massaging of head and scalp improves the blood circulation in the head and helps in improving hair condition.
  • “Using too much of styling gels or cream is harmful for the health of your hairs; limit such styling to occasional use only” says Shilpa; as she herself limits the use of such chemicals on her hair only if it’s too demanding for a scene.
  • Shilpa makes sure that her hair undergoes the least of hot rods or styling. She likes to keep her hair simple. Excessive styling of hair using hot iron or curlers can also damage the growth and texture of your hair.
  • It is important to wash your hair every day; if not possible then every alternate day and before washing your hair make sure to give your hair a good hot oil massage.
  • Shilpa Shetty also switches her shampoo regularly and prefers using more ayurvedic and natural treatments than cosmetics.
  • A little pampering is what you can give yourself too. Visiting expert hair salons for hair spas every ones in a while is a good way to keep your hair healthy and maintained.
  • Use of homemade remedies to condition hair is also a great idea than getting hair deep conditioned in a salon. Use of eggs, curd or henna; either one, on hair regularly can help you maintain the smooth texture of your hair and bring shine to them.
  • Apart from keeping hair healthy, it is also important to prevent them from getting damaged. Hair gets damaged due to many reasons like, pollution, sun, harmful chemicals and more. In order to prevent damaging of hair, use hair care crème or mask while moving out in the sun. But remember not to over use such products.


Always remember that a good and healthy diet is a key to healthy skin, body, mind and hair. Try using as much as natural homemade remedies than cosmetic treatments.  Avoid too much of hot iron, straightner or curler and other similar products. Shilpa likes her hair to be natural and simple and for that she uses all organic and natural products. You can easily get natural and Ayurvedic hair care products from the market. Always remember, love your hair and treat them well, and they will love you back.