While healthy and dewy skins, bright lips are always a trend, this season, I believe this year could be a  little different. Many of the hair stylists and makeup artists across the world tend to go with the 80’s throwback trend. There are plenty of glitters and braids, but it carries the essence of individuality also in the last couple of seasons on the catwalk.

It is no different in the Indian way of styling as well. If you are getting married this year, you should be planning already. Here are some trends which from the previous year’s study, might get impacted this year.

Natural looking eyebrows will be a statement quotient

Last year, it was all about painted bushy eyebrows. In order to make them look bigger and bolder, you require a brow kit. On the contrary, this year, it is the natural looking eyebrows and this is one of the hottest talks in Vogue right now. So what would be my advice? You can grow them and stop plucking for quite some time. Eyebrows look better when unrefined. Let them look natural.

On the other hand, heavy eyeliner with fake eyelashes are on the cards and so as bright colour eye makeup is giving way to the neutral eyeshadow. While glossy lids is a trend this year, other parts of the face also will compliment from the boost in shine.

Glitter lips and Blurred lips

Glitter-dusted lips are going to carry as well from last year. It looks difficult to carry but you can do it well. All you need to do is to pat on glitter with your ring finger onto the gloss over your lip color. And see, it is a lot more wearable than you think.

While glossy lips is a trend this year, another style which one can pick is the blurred lips. You now have a try to be imperfect. Diffuse the edges of the lip and add more colour to the center of the lips with the fingertips. It looks stunning.

Unlike matte lips, glossy lips will not last for long, even though it makes for a fuller and plumper look.

Last year, there was a sudden trend of dark vampy shades in deep maroon and browns. In this year, they will be replaced with darker berry-toned colours. Take a chance wearing wine like shades in juicy raspberry, rich blackcurrant, or bright strawberry.

Contoured face making way for natural look

Contouring is a trend since some years now, but this year it is going to be a more natural look. The heavy countering on the sides of the cheeks is gone. This time it is the neutral blush with a pinch of highlighter.

Apart from having the natural look on the face, body makeup is also one of the trends. Be it glitter contouring on the collarbones or monochromes on the lobes which were there in some of the events, a creative canvas is also a good choice.

Love that “Flashy Fingertips” statement

You can rejoice those flashy fingertips as it already reigned the catwalk floors. Try the bright geometric shapes by dipping pencil erasers into polish before dropping directly onto the nail. Another way to make your nail beautiful is by using cuticle jewelry – gold or silver. Silver accents give a distressed metallic look. Chromatic coloured nails which are embellished with crystals and sequins is the trend now.

Tighter curls & neat hair buns

Wavy hair is doing rounds for quite some time. Even though it is not going away so easily, a tighter curl is on the trend. Don’t do a mistake with a perm tight, but tighter than wavy.

Neat buns on the hair which suits for everyone is the trend this year. Messy hair buns suits a few, but it’s just not for everyone. This seashell-shaped bun is doing its due right now, thanks to Kate Middleton!

Blorange hair colour

Blorange (blonde + orange) is a perfect colour dye which you will commit to having it on your hair. The orange pigments are the toughest dye to come easily out.

Blunt cuts and bangs

Long hair will go on and it does not get away so easily. However, I feel that it is the coolest cuts for the year that too all in one length. Blunt fringes and midi bobs are particularly on-trend as it’s been displayed in many events. The trend is because of the simplicity and it is shockingly the minimal which most stylists wanted. Getting a big statement from something so simple is what you may want.