The Best Makeup Trends for 2017

The year 2016 has been a year full of new launches from science to fashion to entertainment. When it comes to make up, every year some makeup artist sets the trend that is different and appealing and it becomes so popular that everyone starts following it. The year 2016 has shown the widest gap; from very minimal make up styles to full highlighted ones and a lot of these have become popular trends among the people. So here’s a bit from every trend that took to followers in 2016:

1- Say no to make up
This has been a very big hit and so much appreciated. Here the makeup artists kept their brushes aside to appreciate the natural beauty. This make up requires deep cleaning and good moisturization of the skin to bring out its inner glow and beauty. The trend set up minimum make concentrating only on eye liners to highlight the eyes and a nude shade of lip color. This trend was so much appreciated that it was followed on the red carpet by many celebrities.

2- Blush it
The other trend that caught the eyes and interest of many was the use of blush on the cheek bones. This requires good foundation and make up base on the face along with highlighting of the cheek bones using dark bronze blush while using pink or peach blush on the cheeks. The look is completed using natural lip color and fine eye pencil.

3- The retro look
Even this trend of makeup caught the lenses, the retro look of 90’s came back on the ramp with high puffed hair styles and dark matte color lip with shimmering eye shades. This make up trend was followed in many movies as well.

4- The pale skin
This pale skin make up inspired from many Hollywood actresses was also liked by many; Giving the skin a pale look using make up base and high tone foundation with matte finish while evening out the skin texture, is how it is meant to be done. To complement the look it is advised to use dark and thick eye liner and dark lip color, like coco and red.

5- Summer is over; the spring look!
The 2016 spring makeup trends bought unity amongst the makeup artist across the globe; the bold red color for the lips became loved by all. Every artist preferred a deep red shade for the lip; it works well when applied with precision.

6- Bold those eyes!
For the spring, artist became so experimental, applying shades of blue to the eye. And yes it became so trendy. Applying shades of blue, for smoky eyes or smudged eyes whenever you want a taste of twist and chaos in life works wonders.

7- False lashes!
For quite some time the false lashes were out of makeup artist essentials, but now they are back, and this time they are more colorful. Use of bold false lashes, not only in black but in shades of blue and brown are also trending.

8- Vampire ombre
This is now a much bigger twist, make up trends 2016 got a break from red hot lips and moved to the ombre shade, much darker; denser and bigger drama; but yet complimenting the spring season.

All these trends no matter how contrasting they seem; were appreciated by all the different classes and masses of people across globe. The makeup trend that you follow should be coherent of the trends that are ruling, or else you might fall out of place. But there are few makeup trends that never fail; like the natural nude or the no makeup, makeup. So if you want to single out, you can use your personal preferences over what’s trending and what’s not. Remember always wear makeup which you are confident of carrying out, that’s the best trick!