Chitranganda can turn heads for her ravishing looks and more prominently for those lush and shiny crowning glory hair. Of late she’s been found confessing about her fuzz prone hair especially during monsoon.  She too has problematic hair that needs much maintenance and care and thanks to her strict hair care regime that she follows, her hair is healthy and shiny naturally.  She revealed to her fans her hair regime that allows her to maintain her hair like the way they are.

  • The first and the most important suggestion by Chitrangadha is to understand your hair type as each hair type is different and each has its own needs. Chitranganda confesses that even she has fuzz prone and dry hair and she maintains them using coconut oil massage on a regular basis.
  • She makes sure that her shampoo and conditioner has much moisture content as her fuzzy hair require good moisture to keep them balanced and flaunting and makes use of only limited number of brands.
  • Artificial cosmetics are very common in the market however Chitrangada ensures that she limits the use of cosmetic treatment on her hair to minimum. It helps her to avoid getting her hair damaged further.
  • The popularity of Ayurvedic treatment has increased tremendously and Chitrangada understands the importance of Ayurvedic hair massage. She takes them regularly and also follows regular hair spa to keep the hair nourished.
  • Chitranganda keeps herself updated about the latest research and findings that are being done. This helps her to understand and choose the right kind of products in hair care.
  • A good diet is extremely important for a healthy body. A diet which is rich in protein and minerals ensures healthy hair. Chitrangada keeps a healthy diet that comprises of products that have all essential vitamins and minerals necessary to maintain a healthy body and skin. Her diet reflects on her body and especially her hair.
  • One of the important factors that damages hair to a great extent is the quality of water that is used to wash hair. Often tap water contains high salt, chlorine along with other harmful chemical that damage hair, wash after wash. In order to prevent your hair from such damages resulting in hair loss, you must ensure that the water that you use for washing your hair is soft water and filtered from other chemicals.
  • If she is not sure of the tap water quality, she uses filtered water, just to be on a safer side. This saves her hair from getting exposed to damages and hair loss.
  • She makes sure to use only the natural hair care products while she limits the styling to minimum. She supports the use of only the recommended brands and their products in cosmetics and styling tools.

Her hair tips are not only limited to her hair care regime but she also provides insight on hair care for other types of hair as well. She explains that different hair type need different type of care and treatment. One has to first recognize which hair type she has and then decide the best suitable hair care products. For instant one with oily hair do not need moisture laden conditioners or too much of oily massage. But they should make sure to wash their head regularly with a suitable shampoo to ward off pollutants and dirt from clogging on to scalp. Along with this a pre-wash light oil massage will work wonders for oily hair. Using a suitable hair mask is also very important to ward off pollutants. Indeed it is very important to use the right hair care product to get best results.