How to prevent skin damage in summer

You may look good when skin damage you achieve that bronze glow during the summer months, but nothing is actually healthy for your skin. While exposing to sun rays, protecting your skin is one of the most important things. Excessive exposure to the sun may cause different symptoms – the most dangerous is the skin cancer. You can prevent skin damage and skin cancer while protecting it from the sun rays. Do not wait until it’s too late! Here you have everything you need to know.

Avoid excessing to Ultraviolet Rays (UVA/UVB)

Excessive exposure to UV radiation really damages the cellular DNA of your skin, creating a greater possibility of developing cancer. UVA rays penetrate deep down to the thickest layer of the skin – the dermis and accounts for about 95% of all UV radiation. This is the ray from which the skin needs the most protection.

UVB rays, on the other hand, are slightly better but it needs to be protected from as well. It accounts for the burning of the superficial layer of the skin thereby developing wrinkles and the aging of the skin. However, UVBs cause more frequent skin redness, sunburn and skin cancer. Both are equally dangerous, so it is important to know the effects of these two types of radiation from the sun so you can protect yourself.

Use Sun protection factor (SPF) regularly

One cannot stay indoors to protect your skin from direct exposure to sunlight – which is indeed the only way. And this is not realistic in any way. When you are outside, sunscreen is your best choice. It is always recommended to apply an SPF 15 or greater about thirty minutes before leaving.

Sunscreen acts as a barrier between your skin and UVA / UVB rays and disables them from penetrating deeply into the layers of your skin. While this can be a very effective way to protect your skin, there are still problems with it. In order to maintain the level of protection, you should re-apply the sunscreen every two hours. The higher the amount of SPF, the better.

To give you an idea, the scale of SPF (Sun Protection Factor) is not linear. For example, SPF 15 blocks 93% of UVB rays while SPF 30 blocks 97% of UVB rays and SPF 50 blocks 98% of UVB rays. The higher the scale, the better result you will achieve. Experts say that an ideal SPF you can look for is – SPF 30.

How to give extra protection to your skin

In addition to sunscreen, it is advisable to choose a foundation or tinted moisturizer that includes SPF. The more SPF in your face, the better protection you get. This not only will prevent skin cancer and skin damage but also reduce the rate of appearance of wrinkles in unwanted places. Anti-aging products could help you avoid those feared crow’s feet, dark circles, and smile lines effectively.

Anti-aging creams are predominantly cosmetic skin care products. They are marketed promising the consumer that they will look younger. These products will reduce aging skin by masking or preventing signs of laxity, wrinkles, and photoaging. These includes erythema (redness), brown discolorations, solar elastosis (yellowing), keratosis (abnormal growths) and poor texture.

Anti-aging creams may include conventional moisturizing ingredients. They also often contain specific anti-aging ingredients, such as Retinol. In various formulations, it has been shown to reduce fine lines and pores.

Know some facts and myths on skin protection

There are always some myths when it comes to skin protection from sun exposure. Knowing the facts can help you prevent serious damage to your skin.

Myth: You cannot get burnt in the sun, when it is cloudy.

Fact: Up to 40% of the sun’s UV radiation reaches the surface of the earth on a cloudy day. Even though you may not feel like you are not getting any sun, you are. Sunscreen is always a must!

Myth: Using sunscreen can cause a vitamin D deficiency.

Fact: Many doctors agree that this is not true. Absorption of vitamin D is still possible even with the use of sunscreen. In addition, vitamin D is available in dietary supplements and in foods such as eggs. So it should not be difficult to get your daily amount.