Trends, fashion and styles all have different meaning when it comes to following celebrities or your favorite star, be it sport, entertainment or fashion industry. People generally look up to those they admire and try to copy them in all aspects including hair styles. Thanks to our movies, most of the hairstyles are born every year, some are not even noticed while some become the fashion statement and is being followed up close. Many people tend to look up in the magazines for the latest haircuts of their favorite stars, and they try to get the same.

So here’s a quick pick on some of the hottest haircuts of this year

  • The choppy layers style

This is a much advanced version of regular layered hair, the first layers starts from the Jaw line itself and it becomes much intense and more dramatic with irregular heights as it progresses downwards. This style was spotted by Rachel Bilson at the red carpet event.

  • Curly afro hair with bangs

Rihanna always manages to catch the eyes with her styles and different looks she experiments with. This time she took to her native afro style with bangs. All the bangs are cut with dry hair and are not shorter in length. This hairstyle suits almost every face shape and goes well with naturally curly hair.

  • Full fringe

This style is inspired by the styles famous in 1970’s like that of Dakota Johnson.  Soft fringes are the call; Styling it with shorter hair in front and increasing the length as it goes backward.

  • The shag

Off late Taylor swift was seen spotting a shag look and soon it became so popular. This is a very trendy look with lots of layers especially around the face, while giving the hair at the back some good length to be tied up as a pony.

  • Texturized bob

2016 is the year of bobs, from Jennifer Lawrence to Hilary Duff both were spotting the super cool and stylish bobs that are smoothly texturized as if slept over in thick braids. This hair style is fun and very easy to carry.

  • Messy waves

Long hairs with messy waves and centrally parted was the look of the fall for many, but no one carrier it as well as Sofia. She stepped out of her side parting and chose to flaunt her long messy waves with a center parting.

  • The long and short of it!

The Dutch crown beauty never fails to amaze people with her charms and looks. This time she stepped in a simple short hair enough to let loose but at the same time long enough to tie in a pony if needs be. This hair cut looks cool in straight as well as curls.

  • Natural texture

2016 is a year that is appreciating natural beauty in every aspect more than ever. Let your hairs down the natural way and let the wind do the blow dry for you. Very natural wind dried, slight wavy hair is the charm. Length is no limit, short, medium or long; any length hair can be fit for the style.

  • The lazy wave

This fall season celebs are flaunting the slept in look with a medium cut wavy hair. This is an effortless hair style with side parting and wide curling with bend across the eyebrow region.

  • Chin length bobs

Bobs are really in fashion this year. Many celebs were seen spotting a chin length bob with a straight messy look. This hair style is cook and casual, but by adding a good blow dry and wide curling the look can be transformed in to a formal one.

Whatever the cut may be you can have easy access to them over the internet, but how you will get one for yourself is a matter of thought. If you are looking forward to getting one of these hottest haircuts then you should visit a good hair salon that keeps its trends up to date and is aware of the latest haircuts. Only a well-qualified salon hair specialist having knowledge of latest haircuts in trend will be able to provide you with a perfect haircut.