• HD Makeup Artist in Bangalore  

Best HD Makeup Artist in Bangalore: The advent and rise of HD makeup can be traced back to the late 1990s. High Definition and digital prints was on its way, which made movie goers wish they had an extra pair of eyes. But equally appalled were the celebrities and stars to see their flaws. Pores and blemish on the skin getting visible on the screens. Discontent and sour faces at their makeup artists ensued, leading to increasing demand for thicker makeup. A few companies, Clinique was one among them, launched a few special HD products such as powders, foundations and concealers. But those products are far inferior compared to the ones we get now, in terms of shades variety, weight, finish and comfort. And hence they did not work out for the mainstream market of the everyday commuting working woman, or even the lady who wants to dress up for a special occasion on a weekend or a party. And so, HD makeup kits got relegated to mostly niche section including airbrush guns and their products sold to studios and stars. Thin foundations of liquid sprayed very finely onto skins, made the makeup almost invisible to the naked eye and to the camera too. And this was used as a standard on the sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Since then, every major news channel broadcaster has used it on its newsreaders, so that they don’t end up looking too “made-up”, and alienate the everyday news viewer. But the HD phenomenon is not just here to stay because of the increased spotlight on the stars or the TV presenters. Consider this, your phone in your pocket too has a HD camera. And with the current trend of Instagram selfies, HD makeup has gone more mainstream than could be imagined by the entertainment experts themselves.   Even a civilian nowadays wouldn’t want her blemishes to be exposed while clicking that one precious HD selfie next to a landmark event. So what makes HD makeup products superior? Is it just a marketing phrase to push more products instead of teaching a technique?

The answer is NO. HD makeup products superior and much better light reflection. They use gel and pigment base, and it owes it to the effect produced by the lens filter technology which gives that softening and blurriness on the skin. In short, HD makeup offers that compensation and balance, when you are under a harsh and unforgiving HD camera, which captures every pore, blemish and flaw of your skin.