Selena Gomez is doing rounds of late and is much talked about in Europe and many other countries. It’s not just because of her singing skills, but of late her latest lipstick look. She rather prefers to wear nude.

When you decide to wear a nude lipstick and copy Selena Gomez, it is important that you create a great balance with the rest of your makeup. When it’s done badly, your features can be washed out with those nude lips. It is all about choosing the right colors and finishing according to the skin type you have.

Choosing the right colour

Choosing the right colour and making it the perfect nude lipstick is more difficult than it sounds. Too light will make you look you like the living dead; while too dark will give you the retro style look. You have to avoid these beauty faux and get the most flattering nude lipstick for your unique skin tone.

As a general guide, people having warmer olive skin tones will look good in caramel-toned beige lipstick which is darker than the shade of your skin. For lighter skins, pink or any other colours will work like magic.

Exfoliate your lips before wearing

Before wearing your favourite nude lipstick, make sure you exfoliate your lips. This can be done with a lip scrub or if you don’t have one, use a dry toothbrush with some Vaseline. Apply some balm to moisturise the lips afterward. Once this is done, start with a smooth base. This will prevent lipstick from flaking and looks ugly.

Use a primer for a grip

Once the smooth base is done, apply some foundation or a lip primer to have a grip to the lipstick. The foundation will make the lipstick stick to the lips for quite long. Then for the base on the skin tone you have to choose your right colour.

The Right finish

Lipsticks with semi-matte or glossy finish are good while wearing. You may not want your nude lipstick to fall apart. However, be careful if you are trying to use a full matte finish and do not make the finishes frosty at any costs.

Add colours to the cheeks

To prevent from looking washed out, use a peach blush on the cheeks to add some colour. At any time, if you feel your nude lipstick is odd and is not matching with that of the cheeks, change to a flattering shade.

Eyes for the nude lipsticks

Yes, you heard it right. A nude lip can be perfect with a smoky eye. This way you will have the feel of a dark and dramatic look. A liquid eyeliner will do the trick for this.

Some more facts and tips on nude lips

The nude lips are one of the few glances of beauty that we can safely consider as infallible. As long as you have found the right shade and formula to satisfy you, there is really no way you can go wrong.

  • A matte formula works perfectly with the metallic shade.
  • Tone your lips down with a little foundation or concealer, then add balm on the top for the easiest nude lip that is actually natural.
  • Pale peach works great with a deep purple amethyst in the eyes.
  • Trimmed eyebrows, black lining and matte baby pink lips make for a rather retro look, especially in blondes.
  • A shade with a slightly deeper pink-mauve shade looks great on all skin tones.
  • Pale nudes do not necessarily need to be accompanied by a terrific and dramatic eye look. Sometimes, a little shade and definition is all you need.
  • A pop of pink on the cheeks gives a nice colour to an otherwise low-key face.
  • The nude lipstick and the black lining are, as always, a match made in heaven.
  • The large, dramatic eyelashes make bare lips and dewdrops look outstanding.
  • When you hold your natural lips, you can go as over-the-top with the eyeliner as you please.
  • A beige satin lip plays up to the edginess of a slightly black spotted look.
  • The perfect nude for your colour will make your lips look fuller while it still looks natural.
  • Combine highlighter around the outer edges of the lips for a dimensional effect.
  • If you want more colour but still want the naked look, use your finger to touch a red or pink lipstick in the center of your lips.
  • Tons of fake, cat-eye liner and a pale and washed nude lip is a surprisingly wearable look that makes a big impact.