Amal Alamuddin Clooney is one woman who has been closely watched out for. She is perfect with her dressing sense and more sensible with the use of makeup. Her resume is more impressive than many a famous leading ladies of Hollywood. She works as a human rights lawyer and still you can see the glow of a celebrity in her every time. From work to on-sight travels, social events and a famous husband, how a 37 year old manages it all, is the real mystery. Lets learn a thing or two from the alpha woman who stole Clooney’s heart.

  • The Lip light

Light make up should be the call. Never wear heavy makeup to work. Often Amal has been seen wearing shades of pink lip color. Pink is a very natural shade that goes well with every skin tone. Also, it goes well with different dress colors; blue or black or even brown. Apart from pink lip color you can use the nude shade that work equally well with formals. The new natural nude collection from NYX is just the right thing!

  • For your eyes only!

When it comes to eye makeup try using the neutral eye shadow, like the nude colors. But be careful not to use shimmering nude shade, instead use more matte base and crème base eye shades. Apart from this do not use very dense eye shadow. Also use very light eye lash curler and long wear mascara with a very fine line of long stay eye liner. Don’t give too dramatic look to your eye while on work. Keep it natural and simple that’s the elegance.

  • Blush it!

And when it comes to blush try using very light pink blush if you have a fairer skin color  or a slight bronze blush if you have a darker skin tone. Do not forget to highlight your jaw lines well, but keep it so light as not to make it very noticeable.

Things to remember: Do not make the makeup base too dense by piling cakes of foundation or primer on your face. Use lightweight concealer and foundation that contains moisturizer to give you a more suitable natural toned look. For sure, such kind of subtle and light makeup will surely suit you on all working days and will go with any color of formals you choose to wear. So girls do not sacrifice your make up for your office instead make your looks more elegant with right amount of makeup just like our alpha woman Amal Clooney.