11 Bridal Makeup Trends You Need To Check Out In 2020!

#TrendAlert: 11 Bridal Makeup Trends You Need To Check Out In 2020!

2019 was the year of bold brides who dared to step beyond the conventional and aimed for out of the box looks, dazzling everyone on their D-day. The brides of 2020 are continuing to take this trend to the next level by opting for fresh and distinctive bridal makeup looks that puts the spotlight on them.

Be it a no-fuss subtle look or an absolute glam Page 3 makeover, brides do not shy away from experimenting on both ends of the spectrum. After all, each bride has her own taste and preference when it comes to Makeup.

In this article, we explore some of the classics, and also some modern-day makeup looks that brides are sporting in 2020. If you are a 2020 bride and are looking for trendy bridal makeup ideas for your D-day, we’re here to help. We’ve put together a list of 11 bridal looks for the upcoming wedding season, to help you decide.

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The ‘Quintessential’ Red lip

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A bold red lip paired with copper eyes is the classic bridal statement, to make heads turn. After all your sexy pout will be the focus of cameras and eyes, as you pose and strut around for picture and onlookers.

What’s great about this look is the fact that it can be paired with most Indian outfits and different colours, keeping the whole attire Bold and crisp. Red is a synonym for love, confidence, fierceness, and oozes a sense of sensuality. And what better a colour to complement a fearless bride. 

An added benefit of choosing a red lip is that it naturally brings out a radiant White pearly smile, taking away the attention from any imperfections on your face.

This look is best for brides who have beautiful full lips, and dare to sport a beaming and confident bridal vibe. (We betcha, it looks even better in your black and white portrait photos).

Embracing the 90’s glossy look

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The ’90s were all about going heavy on the eyes and lips with metals, shimmers and gloss. From Karishma to Sushmita, we’ve seen a honey glazed lip and shimmery reflecting eyeshade, sported by the all the 90’s Bollywood beauties. Well, guess what? This trend has come back, thanks to those brides who are in awe of their mum’s wedding makeup and choose to get a similar style of makeup done, inspired by them.

While the base is more laidback, the glossy sheen of the lips and the mesmerising eyes remain the highlight of this makeup. Lipstick colours include plums, hot pink, glazy browns, oranges as well as blood red.

Modern-day Subtle Nude look

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Some brides do not like to go overboard with makeup on their d-Day. They want a clean, muted yet beguiling look that accentuates their prettiest features. And for these brides, a subtle Day Glam/night glam look will be perfect.

This look is usually sported by brides who aren’t fond of loud colours and shimmers. They like it to keep it simple, with a warm shade of lipstick, matte eyeshadows, a minimal amount of blush and toned down contouring. The key to perfecting this look is to set the canvas with a mattified base, sharpen the eyebrows, and apply a winter toned lipstick without overdrawing the lips.

The main focus of this look is to bring out the inner glow of the brides, without making them look like Dolls. It’s easy to carry and looks beautiful in photographs as well.

Cocktail experimental looks

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For those brides who wish to look like the stars of a page 3 magazine, a cocktail look is the way to go. Usually worn at evening functions and parties, this glam look can also be toned down a few notches to make it suitable for daytime. The cocktail look is for brides who dare to play with colours.

Apart from your Cocktail night/ Hens party, you can wear a cocktail look at all your pre-wedding functions like Haldi, Mehendi, sangeet etc. This look has extremely bold and bright eyeshadows paired with equally vibrant lip colour and lots of highlighter. It is complemented by glitters and shimmers to make the eyes twinkly and charming. 

Heavy on Kajal Smokey eyes look

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Kohl has been an important item of makeup since time immemorial. As one of the most sultry and earthy elements, it has the ability to add some serious glam to your look, where you ooze confidence and fierceness with your eyes alone.

Some brides love the feeling of a deep dark smokey eye, that draws all the attention of onlookers, to their quiet yet talkative eyes. This dramatic look has been the favourite of many celebrity brides in the past including Deepika Padukone who carried it with such grace at her wedding in 2018.

The smokey look is made complete using deep earthy colours of eyeshadows, a prominent and smoked out eyeliner, a heavy smudged out kajal on the lower lashline, curled eyelashes, and a nude lip to balance it all out. 

The Laidback pastels look

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Pastel shades of outfits never go out of vogue. Usually worn by brides on their engagement, reception, and other post-wedding functions, these hues of light pink, blue, peach and green are charming in their own kind of way. Pastel outfits demand a makeup look that isn’t too heavy, yet complements the outfit by being minimal and radiant. 

The laidback look includes jewel-toned shimmery eyeshadow in a warm brown and champagne.  A crisp eyeliner makes the eyes stand out while the lips are adorned in the lighter shades of pink to keep them as close to natural as possible. Contouring is usually skipped in pursuit of a fuller face, but a subtle highlight is given at the right places to make the bride glow.

The no-fuss makeup look

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This is a look straight out of every MUA’s comfort zone and the choice of many brides who want something glam but not too gaudy. Brides opt for the no-fuss makeup look, simply because they don’t want their face to look like a paint board with extremely tacky colours, and dramatic elements such as glitters and bold liner.

In this look, a sweep of brown elevates the crease while a coppery or bronzy gold dominates all over the eyelid. It closely resembles a sun setting over the hills at dawn. While brows are shaped and subtle contouring is done, highlighter usually takes a backstage in this look. The lip colour is usually matched with the outfit colour. Shades of red, maroon or pink are used to keep it neutral.

This look is perfect for brides, who do an outfit change in the middle of their event, as the makeup from this look can match any outfit colour seamlessly.

That Glow from within look

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For brides who want to don a fresh, light and feathery look, a highlighter is the ultimate makeup product that can add that a pretty radiance and glow to their faces. In the glow from within look, brides opt for a layer of highlight and strobing cream underneath the foundation base, to reflect a glow that emanates from within.

While crease colours are more on the nude/peach side, the eyelids are adorned in pearlescent shades. The glowing goddess will sport a pretty pink smile and wear a gloss or choose a matte lipstick as per her taste. A blush in peach or pink will complete the look. Contouring is highly minimal, and focus is on highlighting the prominent features, to make the bride ready for the shutterbugs.

Dark lip showstoppers look

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For those brides who don’t shy away from bold lip colours, and want all eyes to be on them this is the perfect look to go for. Be it your wedding day, or a post-wedding function, a bold lip look can bring all the attention to your beautifully painted lips, while the rest of the makeup can complement it just right. A bold lip is key to making you look like a stunning diva, who portrays confidence and oozes style.

Bold lip colours include deep reds, Maroons, browns, pinks and plums. The dark shades are usually sported by audacious brides who aren’t afraid of going full-on valourous with their makeup. The eye makeup is all starry and glittery and showcases a true doll-like bride, who slays with every glance.

All in all, this look is best worn by brides who want to look extremely glamorous and Sexy.

All ‘Eyes’ on me bold metallic look

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Metallic eyeshadow looks have been a crowd favourite since the past few years.  A sweep of Gold, Jewel-toned blues and greens, bronze, copper and silver eyeshadows, dominate the eyelids while the crease and the outer corners are supported by shades of browns and blacks.

A Metallic eyeshadow look is the ultimate choice of the modern-day bride for her wedding and reception events, as it brings the focus to her eyes, every time she blinks. For brides in 2020 who want to add that extra glam and oomph factor to their look, a metallic eye look is the perfect choice.

The lip colours can be bright but not too loud. They are best kept toned down, to let the focus be on the bride’s glistening eyes. Shades of warm velvety reds, corals, browns and pinks on the plum spectrum are the lipstick choices of brides, who choose to wear a metallic look. Matte lipsticks are preferred to keep the look crisp and clean. 

The Glittery queen look

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Some brides love the feel of all things glittery. Be it their outfit, their jewellery or their makeup, they do not shy away from loads of glitter everywhere. The sparkle of pressed glitter on their eyes is something to behold and truly marvel at. Add to it the spotlights and cameras and Ooh la la- there’s no stopping this dazzling diva.

Glittery eyeshadow is mostly powder or gel-based, while some manufacturers also have the liquid versions. The eye base is matched to the outfit colour and is supported by a darker crease and smoked out outer corner. Glitter is applied at the centre of the eye to catch the light and create a halo effect.

The glittery eye look is perfect for unafraid brides who can carry it with style. The look is completed with the bride’s choice of lipstick in a bold or neutral shade, some contouring and light strokes of blush on both cheeks.

Final Say:

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