Why airbrush makeup is crushing in 2020

Airbrush makeup! The technique that has got everyone curious and excited. The makeup method was developed in the 1930s. For a very long time, Airbrush makeup was limited to Hollywood, but now it has finally got the attention of masses.

From bridal makeup to make up for any event, Airbrush is now a rage. 

But what exactly is airbrush makeup? 

Well, to answer the first question, Airbrush makeup is a makeup technique that is applied with the airbrush stylus and air compressor. It is similar to a spraying tan but works on smaller levels.

It is applied as a very fine mist, and hence require the foundation to be a lot thinner. And if you’re wondering how does that help? Well, it works perfectly for covering imperfections. 

So why exactly is Airbrush make up picking up so much steam and should you follow it too?

Here are the reasons that will help you decide:


The big day is usually a hectic one and involves a lot of work. Other makeups generally start wearing out in a few hours after the application. One of the biggest benefits of Airbrush over others is that it is water resistance. 

So you can be worry-free about makeup and happily enjoy your big day without worrying about your sweat ruining your makeup.


Wedding day is usually a very stressful one. With so many things to keep up with, constant applying of makeup or correcting it is a huge hassle. 

No one wants to spend most of their big day constantly correcting their foundation tone. Hence this shouldn’t come as a surprise that the primary reason why Airbrush makeup is in such demand is because of how long it can stay. 

A good airbrush make up can last up to 12 hours and generally fades away very slowly.

Sanitized application:

A massive advantage of using Airbrush make up is that it is incredibly hygienic. There is no need to touch the product at all, and it can be straight away applied. That means dirt, oils or bacteria won’t contaminate your makeup. 

Glamourous finish:


Another most sought out reason for Airbrush make up is how gorgeous and appealing it makes the person look.

Airbrush makeup achieves that because of how even it looks after application. This even-ness renders the makeup to be exotically smooth, which is perfect for the photos that you’ll be in for the whole day.

Now you can smile and pose for the photos without worrying about the appearance.

It is not excessive:

Another aspect where Airbrush makeup stands out is how much it does in so little. Unlike other makeups, it doesn’t need layers and layers of coating of foundation. 

Airbrush makeup doesn’t use too much product as spray application makes it easy to spread on a larger area. 


Another aspect where airbrush makeup wins in significant ways is the ability to customize the application of makeup. From the level of foundation to how much you want to apply to where you need to use, all can be customized.

You can decide if you are going for the full pack or customize according to your wish. 

Lightweight and breathable:

Another aspect of airbrush make that is so admired is that it feels very light compared to traditional makeup. Traditional makeup often feels greasy after a few hours of application. 

The lightness of airbrush makeup is beneficial to the skin as it is less likely to block the skin pores. With pores being able to breathe, it really is ideal even for people who are acne-prone or have sensitive skin. 

Tone the appearance appropriately:

Unlike other makeups, airbrush makeup doesn’t appear reflective or shiny hence not making it over the top and giving you a natural glow.

On the other hand, the appearance doesn’t appear dull or flat either. The glow that it creates is beautiful and natural, so the person looks the same in photos and the real person.

What you must keep in mind:  

While the many benefits of airbrush makeup are highlighted, it is essential to remember that it is by no means perfect. Like any other makeup technique, it has its flaws too. 

While Airbrush makeup is healthy and looks natural, it is not for every skin. Especially for very dry skin, it may not be ideal and may appear flaky. 

Also, the fact that only limited shades and tones are available isn’t right. It comes with four different shades of makeup, giving less choice than the traditional makeup. This is another aspect you must consider. 

While Airbrush makeup lasts for long durations, there is an issue that comes with it. Once the composition has set, it is challenging to retouch it, while traditional makeups can be retouched over and over again.

And last but not the least, comes the elephant in the room—the cost. Airbrush make up kits cost more than traditional makeup. But there is a silver lining here that though it costs more, the product lasts longer. In the long term, the airbrush makeup is cost-effective as this equipment lasts for years.