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Best Bridal Makeup in Bangalore: It’s wedding day. You have gotten your makeup done, choosen the desired gown with accessories. And the perfect hairdo, all of which is going to be immortalized in the family album. I just love the wedding atmosphere! So, after my five years of beautifying brides, these are some of the trends that I foresee in 2017.

Top 10 Bridal Make Up Artists In Bangalore: Some hair trends which I foresee in 2017

There has been a revival of the braid trend of late. It’s actually kind of refreshing to find this making a comeback. It is fashion forward and also romantic. Expect to see a lot of knots and twists that are bound to crop up as offshoots of this trend.

Are trial appointments necessary?

200%. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of having a trial. If it’s the first time you are getting a bridal makeup or bridal hair done from that particular stylist, going for a bridal trial helps. It is that session which can turn out to be brainstorming session where you can bounce off ideas and decide which look suits you. It will also help you gain a deeper insight about different types of makeup styles and the different products used.

However, that being said, if your wedding is just a day away, then it’s wiser to just skip the trial appointment with top Bridal Makeup Artist in Bangalore.

Advice for the hair accessories during weddings

First thing that needs to be considered is your own unique style and personality. Frame the entire look around it. And also, walk your makeup artist through what your style is. If he/she is proficient enough, they will work on what they have and yet make you truly look elegant as a bride. Because ultimately, it is all about how you are going to look back on the marriage album.

My personal favorite is the Laurette Combs which is simple and elegant. After all, you don’t want to end up chasing each and every trend that comes along.

What are some important things that Brides need to know ahead of time: Contact for best Bridal Makeup in Bangalore

First and foremost is to be open and communicative about what your apprehensions are about the wedding day. After having interacted with so many brides prior to the big day, I have realized that almost all of them are extremely edgy. Either with preparations, relatives or the would be husband. It is challenging at first, but once the guard is down, it helps the Bridal Makeup in Bangalore to determine what the bride exactly wants.

But before all of that, make it easier on yourself by drinking lots of water and hydrating regularly. Use skin wipes and always keep a pair handy in your purse. That way the skin is supple to work with and gives a good response to the makeup.

What are some of the hair and makeup products every bride needs? Do you have any tried and true go-tos?

Shu Uemura’s  Eyebrow Pencil

MAC Liquidlast Liner.

Shiseideo Eyelash Curler for the bride’s eyes.

NARS Luster Blush for its universality for all skin tones.

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