Protein is a vital element for development of body, mind and hair as well. A well balanced diet that contains proteins, vitamins and minerals is essential for a healthy living. As people in increasing numbers are developing awareness about a healthy diet given the present day lifestyle, where junk food is replacing the base essentials, it is but of paramount importance for all to switch to a nutrient filled healthy diet. Especially for vegetarians, it is important to get enough protein to maintain body balance and good weight, sans excess fat.

Protein is also very important for the growth and development of hair. If you want to have healthy, shiny hair then it is important for you to start taking a protein rich diet. There is very high amount of protein in eggs, chicken and red meat so those that eat non-vegetarian food stand a good chance to get high protein from such source; but for those who eat only vegetarian, they should not lose hope; nature provides plenty of vegetables, grains and pulses that have high protein content and are a very good source of protein.  What follows is a list of protein rich food for vegetarians.

  • A chia seed is a commonly found grain and contains very high amount of protein in it. A good protein rich diet must contain this on its list. Taking chia seeds in daily diet will help to restore protein deficit and maintain it without additional calories.
  • Soya beans have been known for their high protein content so much that body builder themselves take a good soya based diet. Soya been and its products are also knows as a good vegetarian substitute for chicken.
  • Hemp seed is another protein rich seed that is gaining popularity more importantly because it is good for the heart and helps maintain cholesterol level. It is a very good source of omega-3s and has high fiber content as well.
  • Quiona is an ancient grain that studies have shown to possess high protein content apart from having a very good quantity of amino acid L-arginine . Research shows that this grain promotes muscle development rather than fat development. So it is very good for a low fat protein rich healthy diet
  • Eggs have always been confused for long, but studies have proved that eggs are the best source of vegetarian protein, and nutrients that boost your metabolism, strengthen your muscles, controls hunger pranks along with high choline content that is proved to be a fat burning agent.
  • Lentils is another very good source of protein for vegetarians hair. However lentils are also good source of folic acid, copper and selenium that helps to keep your hair healthy and shiny.
  • Milk and cheese are good source of protein and calcium, good for both body and hair. Both milk and cheese are perfect to suit vegetarians’ hair.
  • Spinach is another leafy vegetable that contains good amount of protein. It is said that a cup of cooked spinach has almost 5gm equivalent protein.
  • Guava is a tropical fruit that has a high percentage of protein. The protein content in one cup of guava is equivalent to 4.5 grams. It is also a good source of dietary fiber and vitamin C; both are essential for healthy body and hair.
  • Peas are a well-known kitchen vegetable but not enough to know that a cup of peas contains almost 8 grams of proteins. Peas are a high source of protein, and vitamin C. eating peas regularly can meet up your protein deficit and provide you enough vitamin C to get healthy hair and glowing skin.

There are many more to the list. But it is advisable to seek the council of a dietician who would, given your present health and condition draw you a complete diet plan taking into account all nutrients and minerals that you require the most for a healthy body and mind. Apparently it is also important to maintain a good diet routine, irrespective of you being healthy or not. Intake of essential vitamins and minerals on a daily basis helps to maintain the natural build and beauty of body and hair.