• Airbrush Makeup Artist in Bangalore  

Best Airbrush Makeup Artist in Bangalore India. Recently, Temptu released their makeup device Air. It’s a handheld device which is cordless, and is meant for both amateur makeup artists and artists as well. To begin using it, all one needs to do is use the pods filled with makeup liquid and snap it into the wireless device. Then you can spray the makeup on your face. Inventions like these have surely brought Airbrush more into the mainstream and recognizable. But a few pointers for everyone, before they dive into it.

Apply foundation wisely. The T-Zone of your face is bound to be reddish. And its totally normal. That’s where a good foundation needs to be applied. And always focus on the center area of the face. Remember that the base should be a color match to that of your skin. Try Maybelline FIT Me! Matte. It has 16 shades. Make your jawline blend into the rest of the face. 

Under-eye area needs to be brightened up. Now it’s the turn of the concealer. Compare it with your foundation, and apply it lighter by at least two or three shades. I recommend something like a FIT Mel Concealer. Don’t worry about the end results right away. But, dab it in thick amounts in the dark areas. Later, use your fingers to dab it and spread it. Many experienced makeup artists recommend this because the concealer is the element which gives you that glowing effect. If you do it the other way around, the glowing effect given by the concealer is lost. There is something called a “Reverse-Panda” situation. As the name suggests, try to avoid making it happen, by making the transition between concealer and foundation seamless.

Pressed powder should be used to set it.  Use powder of 2 different shades such as Pore-less Powder + FIT Me! Matte. Why? Because the lighter one will set your concealer and the darker tone will match to the tone of your skin color. This step is very important as it prevents you from making the mistake of undoing all the glow achieved after applying the concealer. Now aplly a slight finish by dusting the powder away with a brush.

Skin Warming. Apply a bronzer with your Airbrush on your cheekbones and forehead. I recommend Maybelline’s FIT Mel Bronzer for this. This step is absolutely necessary to achieve that subtle contouring effect.

Natural flush addition. There’s a rule when applying a flush. If you ae fair skinned, choose a flush that is a tone lighter. And on the other hand, if you have a dark skin tone, you need a darker and stronger version of the flush color. Remember to swirl the product on the apples of your cheeks. Contact me for more about Airbrush Makeup.